Intro :

Space Mother

This month you have arrived into the seventh soul landscape of MotherQuest ~ the terrain of Emptiness.

By accepting this Quest task you are stepping into the core of your being where the woven threads of memories, thoughts, stories and beliefs come together to create the outer expression and internal perception of ~ you.

Your guide for your journey is

Space Mother : She who is Limitless ...

Your aim in this Quest is singular, to live as the clearest
expression of your most Authentic truth.

Space Mother holds the mastery of Order, Disciplined Spaciousness, Spiritual Devotion, Forgiveness and Non Self. It is time to live your sovereignty.

Good luck on your journey,


With Love! xx Lhamo


Universal Wisdom

Space Mother in her Universal Wisdom is the pure expression of the
Divine Mother manifesting as you.

When vibrating with Universal Space Mother consciousness you know that no thought, belief, word, action or deed that makes you fearful, small, loveless or separate is real. You know that you are limitless and you breathe into the unlimited possibilities of your soul. You know you are a stream of unique Divine thought continuously expanding.

You know that you are Love, doing you.

Consequently, as Universal Space mother you know you are light, waves, sound and possibility of forming into human life and reforming. You have become storyless. You have become free. You are a conduit of unbridled and unencumbered Sacred Femininity. 

As Universal Space Mother you are now centred in your inner Divinity. You have owned every aspect of your life completely and in doing so you have claimed your Sovereignty and your embodied authenticity.

You have claimed the power to be Queen of your own universe, to be free and to be 'me'.

Universal Space Mother Quest Task

As Space Mother in her Universal Wisdom, you are called to be You.



Becoming, moment by moment. Your task is to live as your soul's expression of meaning-making. The concept of spirituality equalling personal growth needs to dissolve. This is you. Now. Moment by moment.

Your task is to live your dream life, from the inside out.

Your task is to be the Divinity and Love that only you can do.