Using your

Inner Wisdom Tool

Introduction to Womb Work

 Learning to Listen


Guidance for starting your womb listening

Day One is your menstrual start day or the first day of your bleed.

Start tracking how you feel every day either with a dated diary, a period tracker or a journal.

Pay equal attention to your

-- discharge and body symptoms

-- your emotion and temperament

Check-in with your womb space every morning and learn to listen to her. Before you open your eyes and move your legs (too much) use your sacred imagination to sense into this part of your body. Place your hands over her and feel. Be open to the whisperings (thoughts, ideas, pictures, memories, emotions) that arise.


Guidance for experienced womb listeners

Your exploration path is to bring finesse and devotion to your womb practice.

Check-in at least three times a day (either physically or perceptually)

Track when your hormones shift into each phase

Become aware of your Sensitive and Danger Days (where you are prone to Bad Behaviour)

Notice when your inner critic takes over

Notice your food and sensual cravings

Become aware of your power phase - the 5 days where you feel most alive and in alignment with soul.

Become aware of your struggle phase - the phase or days where you are challenged internally (thoughts, feelings, beliefs inner gremlins) and externally (life, relationships, creativity, somatically (in your body).

(Please note, not all women feel dreadful during the 72 hours before their menstruum and not all women feel glorious when leading up to ovulation).

Your aim is to Know Your Self.
Your womb will continue to teach you throughout your lifetime.
IF you let her.