Beautiful Woman

Welcome to your MotherQuest Sanctuary.

Every pilgrimage has a starting point and every expedition a Base Camp. This online membership portal is like a sacred encampment for your year-long MotherQuest adventure.

Your very own virtual portal where you can seek refuge, respite (it’s all organised in here) and companionship (click here to join our Private Facebook Group).  This is also the place where your monthly modules, meditations, worksheets and handouts are stored.

Take some time to work through the introductory pages below and if there is anything else you need, please email me.

On Saturday 7th December at 8 am, this page will change and become your Sanctuary Dashboard, the page where you will access your monthly materials. On this day your first Monthly Module will become available.

For those attending in-person, you DO NOT need to read these notes before coming to our gathering.

In the meantime, please read through the following documents ...