Our Journey Overview


The journey to come

MotherQuest is a personal journey.

Over the next thirteen months, you will move through thirteen different aspects of your embodied soul and layer by tender layer journey down into the wholeness of your own authentic and sovereign truth.

To guide you on your journey, you will meet thirteen different Mothers or Wisdom Mandalas, that is, thirteen unique aspects of your own embodiment of the Sacred Mother or the Divine Feminine within you.

MotherQuest is specifically designed for women in their mothering years. Unlike Goddess archetypes that belong to cultures or mythologies of other times, the MotherQuest Mothers are internal archetypes. Their matrix of wisdom is the same for all women, however, how they appear, what they bring up and what they will make you face and heal, will be very specific to only you.

Although they are described here as ‘mothers’, they are more like Mandalas or energetic matrixes rather than entities. Each one will also look a lot like you – because they are you. Each Mother Mandala has a defined inner territory, her own designated soul area, but how she looks, feels, manifests, communicates and illuminates will be entirely up to you.

While receiving the Mothers I ‘heard’ them speak to me, and at the same time I also ‘saw’ myself -  an ordinary forty-something, mother of two, owner of a natural therapies clinic, studying at a Seminary, holding women’s circles, running my own business life - with the second attention of their unique perspectives. It was like each Mother placed her lens of vision over my daily awareness and filtered my daily circumstances through her gift of insight and understanding. Each month or so for thirteen months I was given thirteen very different perspectives on how to behold what was happening in my very ordinary and sometimes crazy full life!

Very soon these perspectives and insights will also be yours.

Bone Mother, the first Mother of MotherQuest arrived during our first family Christmas after my father had died. Bone Mother brings with her the deep belonging of our Ancestressy. She came at the most perfect and healing time.

Death Mother came while we were making the transitions of moving house, home and business. She helped me breathe through my transition from being an earthy stay at home mum of babies to being a Minister, business owner, mother of school-age kids, writer and presenter. She teaches us how to open at endings and how to embrace impermanence as a key to being fearlessly alive.

As you will soon learn, every Mother arrives with an almost sublime right timing. Whether you like it or not, She will have her way with you!

Some Mothers will be like a gentle walk in a familiar park. Others will be like climbing a 60-foot vertical cliff, without a safety harness and butt naked. Expect vulnerability, tears, introspection, expansion, unquenchable love, inner strength and unshatterable joy.

MotherQuest is an internal pilgrimage, a sacred quest, to help you find and live from your own deep spirituality during your mothering years.

You will set the pace, you will determine where it will take you, and really, once you enter into the inner terrain of your wild soul, there is no searching, instead, there is a yielding, a surrendering and release. It is more a finding and most definitely an arriving.

Because in MotherQuest, it is your real nature that is claiming you as it’s own.

MotherQuest explores the Truth of your feminine soul and facilitates the unfurling of your real self in your wholeness. It’s a bit like great compost really, we stir up the messy rotting bits to feed your inner roses until they bloom voraciously with shameless joy!

MotherQuest is about opening to the love and wisdom that is already within you.

The Mothers of MotherQuest

Every Mother Mandala has four parts. An Awakening, a Shadow, a Power aspect and a Universal Truth.

The Awakening aspect is here to rouse the dormant parts of yourselves that are switched off from your soul or interior life. Each month you will be given notes and teachings to breathe new life into your sleepy consciousness and if you choose to say yes to the adventure, you will have quest tasks to do as well.

The teachings and tasks are clear, specific and designed to take you a toenail beyond your comfort zone.

You can always go further if you like.

The awakening phase introduces you to the edges of the soul territory and wakes you to the subtleties of your sensitive energetic body and psychic nature. They help you to trust what you know and that you know it. They help you emerge from the dormancy of the mundane world of your external senses (what you see, feel, hear, taste, touch) to awakening the richness of your wild interior, your authentic soul life.

Awakening Mothers are always the best place to start your MotherQuest.

The moment you touch the Golden Land of your soul, in will roll the gremlins, my (teenager in the 1980's) term for our Shadow demons.

The second layer in your MotherQuest is learning how to dance in your shadowlands. Though you may want to skip this work, please don’t.

We all have a dark side. We all have a shadow.

The Shadowlands are the places where we have forgotten that we are Love.

Our shadow is the place where we make our fear real. This work is easy to avoid but as you will soon see this work is one of the greatest gifts of MotherQuest. Because, as you bring light to your shadow you truly set yourself - and everyone bound up with you - free!

Our shadow is simply the places where we have traded Universal Truth, for the truth (with a small t) of our ego-mind, the realm of better or worse than, the realm of materialism, and the realm where reality is rationalised through fear.

Our shadow is where we make separation and projection real. We find our wholeness in MotherQuest by searching the Shadowlands of our inner psyche and by tenderly bringing our fractured selves back home to love.

Shadow work is never easy.

It is rarely what is expected and best done with support, guidance and a courageously open heart. To work with the shadow in MotherQuest shadow work is best described by the myth of Isis and Osiris. A story of love claimed, stolen and shattered and the quest for reclamation and ultimately transcendence.

In shadow work we find the fullness of who we truly are, we see the art and beauty in the places that we are broken. We find the Kintsugi or golden joinery of our soul. We find the beauty, peace, love and magnificence on the other side of judgment, damage and ugliness.

The third level of MotherQuest, the Power aspect of each Mother, is a personal invitation to open magnificently to the Authentic Soul blueprint encoded within your being.

Like all of MotherQuest, it is not a prescription or an instruction of how things should or have to be. Power Mother is the tantalising potential of Sacred Feminine wisdom reborn through you onto planet Earth right here and right now. It’s not an ancient truth that needs to be brought back to awareness, it’s more like the inspirational activation of your own codes of knowing, asking to be born brand new as the feminine wisdom needed on planet earth right now, for this time.

The Power aspect of each Mother is currently taught through the Mystery Keeper Deepening Training offered to women who have completed their Journey Woman Training. There is a reason for this. The full embodiment of each Mandala takes time. to understand each Mandala fully Lhamo has journied not only once a month for the past eight years with each Mother, but has also 'travelled' a whole year with (so far) the first seven Mothers. As you will most likely find, one month is not long enough to fully embody each wisdom Mandala... MotherQuest is a journey for your mothering years.

Humanity is embarking upon a new epoch in our we-story, not my story, your story, history or even herstory, but our story, the story of all of us as One.

We are living in a time of partnership, equality, harmony where all earthly beings can thrive and for that, we need new wisdom -- the one that exists uniquely within you. This is what MotherQuest is here to support you to know (or Gnow : our term for Knowing with Gnosis) within you.

The last aspect of each mother is her Universal Wisdom.

Like a vast golden river, each Mother has a flowing vibration of knowledge that is timeless and permanent. At every Mother's core is a Truth that is true for everyone, a Truth that is Universal. It is here in this wisdom we find the wholeness of who we are.

Heart Mother holds compassion, Joy Mother holds the joy of another’s joy, Lost Mother holds mystery, Space Mother holds the insight of non-self. To explain and illuminate each Mother’s Truth, MotherQuest leans into the wisdom of all spiritual paths on Earth, from Indigenous knowing, Asian spirituality, women’s mystery teachings and Abrahamic scripture and many more in between. All wisdom paths are welcome to find their place in MotherQuest, because the ultimate destination of every Mother Quest, is Love.

There is a place in MotherQuest for all things to be true and also not true because it is you who is travelling the journey. Although in workshops and through these words many women will start their MotherQuest’s together, like all pilgrimages, this journey can only be fulfilled alone.

Take what works for you; try each concept or notion on for size.

Some will fit like a familiar shoe, others will squeeze and rub you badly with irritation blisters. No one way will fit all and in no way will MotherQuest ever tell you what to believe. Take what serves you and let go of the rest.

You are always the expert of you.

So, let our journey begin ...

Not long now ... only a few more days until we start. Its time to hitch your skirts and retie your boot laces.

Very soon, its time to go within xx

Strap up your boots & hitch your skirt, we are about to go within!